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Frank Paul Schubert – saxophone

Matthias Müller – trombone

John Edwards – bass

Mark Sanders – drums,


FOILS originally started as a duo with Matthias Müller, trombone, and Frank Paul Schubert, soprano saxophone (CD: ‚FOILS‘; fmr, 2011). Since 2012 it has been augmented to the FOILS QUARTET with John Edwards, bass, and Mark Sanders, drums. Since then, the quartet has been playing in Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the UK, and released the CD ‚The Jersey Lily‘ (creative sources, 2014).

„[…] Music that lives from the excellent communication between the participants. The contrast between the various tone colors of soprano saxophone and trombone is both unusual and attractive at the same time, yet there is a lot to discover beyond this obvious contrast. In general the quartet’s playing is very homogenous and on a very high energy level […] Even if the music is sonically investigative and intellectually challenging it is also emotional and gripping.“
Martin Schray, freejazzblog.org, August 26, 2014

„[…] What a joy to listen to! Never a dull moment here. Throughout they play intense and concentrated on a continuous high level. Thrilling playing by Schubert, what a player. […] It is above all the constant stream of musical ideas that make their interplay very rich and fascinating. Quite and subtle textures change for high-energy battles. Totally gripping music, emotional as well as cerebral if this distinction is of any meaning.“
Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly #964, January 2015