Lederergasse 5,Villach



Thomas Johansson (trp)

Kristoffer Berre Alberts (sax),

Ola Høyer (bs),

Gard Nilssen (dr)

Cortex is a spirited combo that plays energetic jazz of the finest brand. With over two hundred live-performances and four albums, the quartet positions itself as one of the strongest additions to the Norwegian jazz scene. The members are amongst the most sought after young jazz performers in Norway today. They all have marked their position in several other constellations such as: Bushman’s Revenge, Puma, PNL Large Unit, Team Hegdal, Zanussi 5, Friends & Neighbors, Honest John, and The Heat Death. After extensive touring in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, USA, Russia and Japan.

Cortex released their fifth album ‘Avant-garde Party Music’ on the Portugese label Clean Feed Records in 2018 and were bestowed with praise by international critics.

 « No Scandinavian group since Atomic has so powerfully addressed and remade the free jazz of the 60s like Cortex. In a country whose creative music scene is celebrated for its bold hybrids of disparate sounds, Cortex goes another way, embracing tradition in its own unique way, with a personality sketched out by the strength of Johansson’s indelible themes and four distinctive improvisational voices. »